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IQ Freedive App

The first version of the Freedive app is now available. We'll be adding more features in the next releases. Two pages are available while on the surface. The first one displays the fields one would normally want to see when reaching the surface: Last depth and time, and current surface interval. A second page displays the maximum depth and time and the number of dives.

The app automatically switches to a dive page when the diver goes under water. This dive page shows real-time depth and time in a big custom font size. When the diver ascends to the surface, the app will automatically switch to the previous page.

The app has a settings menu that allows to switch the depth units to feet or meters. It also has a setting to enable simulation mode and to change the display background to white or black.


The app has GPS and activity recording (REC) status icons. When starting the app, the diver might want to wait for the GPS status icon to become green before starting to record the activity. This ensures that the location is recorded from the beginning of the activity. GPS signal will be lost when going under water but regained when the diver reaches the surface.


Activity recording begins when the start button is pressed. The color of the REC status icon will indicate if the activity is being recorded. Pressing the start button a second time will display a menu that allows the diver to save or discard, or resume the activity. This behavior is very similar to Garmin native activities.

IQ Freedive App
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