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IQ Dive Computer

IQ Dive Computer is a Connect IQ app for compatible Garmin watches that provides real-time decompression information. It computes and displays no-decompression time limits in real time, along with current depth and total immersion time. It also supports decompression dives. When no decompression times are exceeded, the app will begin to display and compute the decompression depth ceiling in real-time. The decompression algorithm is Buhlmann's ZH-L16. A dive planning feature allows the diver to determine allowable bottom times at different depths based on current saturation levels.

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IQ Dive Computer


  • No-decompression time limit

  • Depth

  • Immersion time

  • Activity recording with depth profile and dive site location. Viewable on Garmin Connect.

  • In-watch Log Book

  • Ascend/Descent rate display

  • Ascent rate alarm

  • Maximum depth

  • Decompression ceiling

  • Nitrox

  • Compass

  • Surface time

  • Temperature

  • Altitude diving

  • Dive planning based on current saturation levels

  • Computation accounts for previous dives and surface intervals.

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