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IQ Dive Computer

Purchase Garmin IQ Dive Computer for $19.99.
Includes unlimited updates

After you complete your purchase, we will send you an email with installation instructions to the address you have registered with Paypal. This process is currently manual.  Please allow some time for this to happen. We usually respond very quickly.


By purchasing, downloading, or using the IQ Dive Computer app, you agree with all the terms and conditions below, and agree to strictly follow all the recommendations set forth.

1. You agree and understand that in no event will DiveIQ or any of its representatives will be held liable for any personal injuries or death or damages to property resulting from the operation of the IQ Dive Computer app, or for any other damages whether direct, indirect, or consequential, even if DiveIQ has been advised of such actual or potential damages.

2. It is likely that the IQ Dive Computer app still contains some errors. We put a lot of effort into finding them and tested the software carefully and thoroughly. However, it should always be assumed that some errors still remain undetected. Those errors may cause the app to show incorrect data, reset or even completely shut off during a dive.

3. The user must understand that the IQ Dive Computer app is viable to sudden failure. The IQ Dive Computer app, as with any electronic device or software, will fail sooner or later. Electronic devices cannot replace knowledge and proper training. During a dive never rely only on one source of information about current depth, dive time, and decompression information.

4. The IQ Dive Computer app implements a decompression algorithm (ZHL-16C) that uses a theoretical and empirical model to compute no-decompression time limits with a very low statistical probability of incurring in decompression sickness. However, this is just a model and said probability is not zero. Every person is different and there is always a chance, however small, that a person may get decompression sickness even when staying below the no-decompression time limits.

5. The IQ Dive Computer app is not a software of life support. Always carry a second dive computer to account for the possibility of failure. Alternatively, have a carefully prepared and conservative dive plan based on recreational dive tables.

6. The main danger in using any dive computer is over-reliance on the information provided. Always use your experience and training in judging the information provided by the IQ Dive Computer app. 

7. The IQ Dive Computer app should never be used as a primary device. It should always be considered your secondary device.

8. The IQ Dive Computer app MUST ONLY be used by certified divers who have maintained a sufficient level of knowledge and skill proficiency through a combination of formal training, ongoing study and experience. 

9. The IQ Dive computer MUST ONLY be used for no-decompression diving. It is NOT INTENDED for decompression diving. Assuming procedures are properly followed according to training, no-decompression diving allows the diver to return to the surface without requiring decompression stops in case of a device or software failure.

10. The IQ Dive Computer app MUST NOT be used by untrained persons who do not have knowledge of the risks and hazards of scuba diving and enriched nitrogen-oxygen (nitrox) mixtures.

11. Unlimited updates are included for a single device model. You will continue to receive unlimited updates even if you replace your device with another unit of the same model. If you upgrade to a newer watch model, you will need to purchase the app again.

12. This app runs on Garmin watches that are not certified for diving by the manufacturer. While practice has shown that they can withstand the water pressures of recreational diving, Garmin does not recommend that you dive with their devices. The barometric sensors on Garmin watches were not designed with diving in mind, therefore DiveIQ cannot guarantee the accuracy of the depth readings or no-decompression time limits. Diving with a Garmin watch may void your warranty if Garmin finds out. No assurances are made by DiveIQ or Garmin that your watch will not fail or flood under pressure. The decision as to whether or not you can dive with your Garmin watch is solely up to you.

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